Welcome to the site. Its main purpose is to share the ramblings, experience, and tips n tricks of a self-confessed I.T. geek. It started at school over 20 years ago, and has paid for the roof over my head ever since leaving.

I am CompTIA Network + certified. I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional. I also hold a H.N.C. in Computing and Management Science. I have held various job roles in the I.T industry – ranging from Desktop Support to Network Administrator. I enjoy learning (X?)HTML(X!) and PHP – along with MySQL and have built some websites for local businesses along the way.

Other interests include WordPress, Ubuntu, and most recently Android. The Open Source Movement is extremely engaging and by nature – open to all. I believe, with the advent of Mobile and Cloud computing and more and more accessible Open Source software solutions the traditional Enterprise model that has made companies like Microsoft rich has past its peak. Its all about change, and I am jumping on the bandwagon.

When AFK? I do ramble. I also like to camp – wild camping.