1. Web Design & Development - Well of a sort - if you want something really really pretty - better bring it with you. If you want something that looks good enough, is reasonably priced, works and can be found via human words on Google, then I'm that guy. It'll comply with standards (validate) . It'll be responsive, or WordPress (and responsive), or what you want...Opencart anyone?


2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - This is the best part for me - it's like gambling - you get numbers, you re-spin and you get better numbers, until you get the best numbers.....then well err you look for more new numbers......such fun! Page 1, positions 1 or 2 maybe 3 or I don't bother trying.



Android (


Being another Open Source Development, Android is accessible to all, for free. The Android Developer Site provides and excellent guide for setting up the software required to get started. The guide provides instructions for setup within Windows or Linux and I have successfully setup on Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.10 using the guide. The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or software they recommend is Eclipse, which is also free. They provide instructions for setting up Eclipse itself, the ADT (Android Development Tools) plugin for Eclipse and the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) itself. There is also a simple tutorial for writing the traditional “Hello World!” App.

The setup guide can be found here. Everything you need for free.

The Developers guide can be found here.